It is with great sadness I must announce the passing of Willow Merrymoon. She passed away comfortably surrounded by her close family on the 27th March 2018.

A wonderful woman loved by many she will be sadly missed.

Way back in the early '90s along with a friend she founded a charity to provide counselling to people on low, or no income, that charity is still going strong today and has grown from two counsellors working out of a single room to over 30 counsellors working from multiple locations.

Face to Face Counselling

Instead of accepting flowers for the funeral we will be asking for donations to Face to Face. We will have a collection at the funeral service and have set up a MyDonate page to receive donations electronically. We will also be making a donation from her estate once it has been liquidated.

This website will be kept running in her memory. She loved the website and loved updating it when she could.

Posted at 07:48 on 03/04/2018

The Birds The Birds

Hello everyone. Isn't it heartening to see the days beginning to lengthen, snowdrops appearing and to see the first lambs guzzling their mothers' milk? Here we are, at Inbolc, the festival which celebrates all of the above, the harbingers of Spring. I can only speak for myself but I can't wait for spring when I can spend more time outdoors.

In a group which I and another women run, I offer various exercises to help people look at the Tarot cards in different ways. I'd like to share one with you here, and see what you make of it. When you have shuffled the cards, pick one out at random, and think of a book title that suggests that card. It could be a book you already know of, or it could be a title of your own making. It can be quite challenging. The card that I have just picked is the Ace of Swords, from the Everyday Witch Tarot. It shows a young girl thrusting a sword upwards amongst a number of birds. The birds are scattering everywhere. The title that immediately sprang to mind for this was Alfred Hitchcock's 'the Birds'. I guess this could be seen as a negative aspect of the Ace of Swords, in which lots of ideas are coming to the young girl but she is rejecting them. Well, have fun having a go.

Goddess Blessings, Willow

Posted at 11:41 on 02/02/2018

From Hezicos to Everyday Witch

Samhain Greeting, my friends. Tonight the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, and we cast our minds towards those who have passed over. It is the best night to invite them to come and spend time with us if they wish; and remember to thank them before they go. We are now entering what is often called the Dark Time, as the sun makes its final descent before being reborn again at the Winter Solstice.

The BIG NEWS for this month is that the Everyday Witch Tarot is having its first outing. It's vibrant, fun and 'something completely different' lol. You can find links to the the author's and artist's websites under LINKS - Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba. It's a very exciting time for us all!!

Posted at 20:57 on 31/10/2017

Goodbye to Hezicos

Yes, it is indeed goodbye to Hezicos, the deck that has served me so well for four years. I can't let it go without saying another thank you to Mary Griffin for her generosity in permitting me to use her Hezicos Tarot deck. I feel sad to be retiring what has become a very beloved friend to me. I've not only been using Hezicos for the Tarotcast but for meditation, readings, and Tarot 'games' (different ways of looking at the Tarot in order to increase understanding). And where one door shuts another one opens.........

The new Tarot deck that I will be using is THE EVERYDAY WITCH TAROT. This is a brand new deck, created this year by DEBORAH BLAKE and ELISABETH ALBA, who have given me permission to use their deck for my Tarotcast. A huge thanks comes your way, Deborah and Elisabeth, for your generosity and kindness in allowing me to use your deck. It is a privilege for me, and a risk for you (!) in putting your deck into my hands! I sincerely hope that I will do your deck justice.

One last word for now...........this deck is a colourful, vibrant, fun deck, with witches and cats everywhere! I hope that everyone enjoys the Everyday Witch Tarot.

Goddess Blessings, Willow

Posted at 16:25 on 01/10/2017

News of the New

Happy September to your all! How did it get so far on in the year with so little summer - in the UK, at least. There is no answer to that and now we are facing the fast-approaching autumn (shakes one's head in disbelief).

I have NEWS. Next month's Tarotcast will be the last one using Mary Griffin's HEZICOS TAROT. I have been using it for the last four years and I am so grateful for Mary for allowing me to use her Tarot. It has been a wonderful deck to work with and has given me personally so much, as well as providing the Tarotcast each month. So a HUGE THANK-YOU to you, Mary. The new deck will be used with the permission of its creators, and will be revealed next month, so keep your eyes peeled. Until then, it will remain under wraps! Here's to a lovely September for one and all.

Goddess Blessings, Willow

Posted at 12:47 on 31/08/2017

Cast at Last

I know it might come as a surprise, but.......the Tarot is cast at last! It feels like a major achievement for me, given that I didn't manage to do it for June and July. However, fingers crossed this is the start of getting back to normal with my website. It seems somehow fitting that I have done this just in time for Lammas - the bringing in of the first harvest. And whilst that energy is around right now, my words to myself and to everyone are "ride the wave"! In other words, make the most of any opportunity that is presenting itself to you right now. Don't wait till another day, the moment may pass. The poem below is from Luna's Grimoire.....

The Corn King gives his life for the land,
We toast his sacrifice with Ale in our hand,
And eat the bread from the harvest made,
As sheaves of corn to the earth are laid.
Transformation surrounds us,
The harvest turned to food and drink,
Now is the time to learn and think,
Of what we can do to grow even stronger,
As the summer recedes and the nights grow longer.
We share our rewards and bless the earth,
That brings our fruitful abundance to birth,
May our well earned bounty reward our toil,
As we harvest the seed and the grain from the soil.

Blessed Lammas!

Goddess Blessings, Willow

Posted at 17:55 on 31/07/2017

Oh Yes

Well, the Tarotcast for May is finally posted. My apologies for the delay. This is Elen's last stint as guest Tarotcaster, and my thanks go out to her in a big way as she has supported me through the last few months. It's been great to be able to rely on her and a huge thanks goes out to Elen. Yes, you, Elen! You are a real trooper, indeed. I wish you good luck with your own adventures, Tarot, Art and more.

Goddess Blessings, Willow

Posted at 00:33 on 15/05/2017

Oh No

I am very sorry but the May Tarotcast will be late. I have a problem with not being able to post it for some reason. I won't be available to have another try until towards the end of next week. My sincere apologies to you all, and to Elen.

Goddess Blessings, Willow

Posted at 12:52 on 29/04/2017

Spring Has Sprung

It most certainly has! This week I've seen newborn lambs, the very first of this season. I love to go 'lamb-spotting' which I find really exciting. That along with the profusion of daffodils, crocuses, tulips, all serve to stir my spirit and flood me with hope. There is such an expectation and anticipation when Spring comes. New buds on the trees, children playing outdoors, gardens awakening - it's just all wonderful. Spring is a good time for all sorts of new - so if you've become a bit disinterested in your old Tarot deck(s), why not try a different kind of deck. You may find a total new enthusiasm. It's worth a go.

The Tarotcast for April is now posted, so do pop over and have a look when you have a few moments to spare.

Goddess Blessings, Willow

Posted at 20:42 on 02/04/2017

Tarotcast by Elen

Hi everyone. The Tarotcast for March is now posted, and you'll find that this month's is written by Elen, of Soulskin Studio. A big thank-you to you, Elen, for your second Tarotcast, much appreciated.

I love it when we enter March because of the Spring Equinox, a time of hope and looking forward to warmer weather! There are two times in the year which hold significance for me in terms of clothes. As we are approaching autumn, I love it when I change from saying "shall I wear a jumper" to "which jumper shall I wear" - and then in the spring I really look forward to changing from saying "shall I wear a coat" to not having to think about it. Well, you know the saying, there's nowt so queer as folk!

Goddess Blessings, Willow

Posted at 21:56 on 01/03/2017