QUEST: Tarotquest 2

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QUESTION 1: Which of the following decks excludes the Minor Arcana except for the Aces?

Ask-the-Answer Tarot
Astro-Mythological Tarot
Astro-Tarot Pack

QUESTION 2: Which of the following decks does not include any court cards?

2013 Oracle
Oracle Tarot
Archangel Oracle

QUESTION 3: Which of the following decks is illustrated on both sides of the cards?

Tarot of the Secret Forest
Forest Folklore Tarot
Secret Tarot

QUESTION 4: Which of the following decks includes a card named 'The Old Man Willow'?

Shaman Wisdom Cards
Greenwood Tarot
Lord of the Rings Oracle

QUESTION 5: In which of the following decks are the Minor Arcana suits named Arrows, Pipes, Bowls and Stones?

Medicine Woman Tarot
Vibrational Medicine Tarot
Silent Stones Colour Oracle

QUESTION 6: Which author created a deck after being inspired by H.P. Lovecraft?

Donald Tyson
George Higham
Susan Sheppard

QUESTION 7: In which deck does the Four of Pentacles depict a clothed pig?

Glastonbury Tarot
Tarot the Complete Kit
Animal-Wise Tarot

QUESTION 8: Which of the following sets includes a forty-six minute DVD?

Stella's Simple Tarot
Gareth Knight Tarot
Simply Tarot

QUESTION 9: Which of the following decks has the suit names - Rainbow, Star Fire, Quintessence, Sacred Flame?

Harmony Angel Cards
Harmonious Tarot
The Lovers Tarot

QUESTION 10: 'Plum Blossom Spread' is connected with which of the following decks?

Archetype Cards
Mahjong Oracle
I Ching Tarot