QUEST: Tarotquest 5

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QUESTION 1: Which of the following decks includes spreads titled the Paradox, the Key and the Mirror?

Osho Zen Tarot
Pictorial Key Tarot
Simply Tarot

QUESTION 2: In which of the following decks is the Death card the only one not bearing its own name?

Enoil Gavat Tarot
Motherpeace Tarot
Kazanlar Tarot

QUESTION 3: Which of the following decks by unknown author/artist comprises sixty-one cards and is based entirely on the natural world?

Green Man Oracle
Tarot of the Secret Forest
The Flowers Tarot

QUESTION 4: In which deck is the Queen of Swords depicted eating the internal organs of a man?

Barbara Walker Tarot
Necronomicon Tarot
Dark Grimoire Tarot

QUESTION 5: In which deck is the Fool titled the Crocodile?

Ancient Egyptian Oracle
Ancient Egyptian Tarot
Egyptian Tarot Deck

QUESTION 6: Which of the following decks was originally called the New Art Tarot?

Tarot Art Nouveau
Knapp Hall Tarot
Rock Art Tarot

QUESTION 7: What is the name of the deck created by Aleister Crowley?

Thoth Tarot Deck
Bifrost Tarot
Magickal Tarot

QUESTION 8: Which of the following decks, printed in Austria in 1992, is of Russian Design?

Egorov Tarot Gold Edition
Russian Tarot
Russian Gypsy Fortune-Telling Cards

QUESTION 9: 'The Tarot Kit' includes a piece of tumbled gemstone. Which gemstone is it?

Rose Quartz

QUESTION 10: Which of the following sets includes sections titled - Cards in Seasons and Element, Card in Moons and Signs?

Moon Oracle
Alchemical Wedding Tarot
Alchemical Tarot