QUEST: Tarotquest 10

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QUESTION 1: Which of the following decks gives week-by-week detailed time indicators?

Arthurian Tarot
Prediction Tarot
I Ching Tarot

QUESTION 2: Which of the following decks has been created in Renaissance style?

Lovers Tarot
Awareness Cards
Tarot of the Renaissance

QUESTION 3: Which of the following decks has a card titled the Three Wise Ones?

Animal-Wise Tarot
Wiccan Cards
Motherpeace Tarot

QUESTION 4: Which of the following decks has a black winged eye-like symbol called the Nigredo?

Alchemical Tarot
Winged Spirit Tarot
Black Tarot Deck

QUESTION 5: Which of the following sets is illustrated with the Rider-Waite deck but comes with the Royal Tarot?

Tarot of the Saints
The Tarot Kit
Lucky Pack Tarot

QUESTION 6: In which of the following decks are the Court cards named Slave, Warrior, Mistress and Master?

Dragon Tarot
Egyptian Tarot Deck
Tarot of the Master

QUESTION 7: In which deck is the Magician's face that of it's creator?

Tarot the Complete Kit
Salvador Dali Tarot
Universal Tarot

QUESTION 8: Which of the following decks was created as an homage to Nicholas Conver?

Le Millenaire Tarot de Marseilles
Major Tom's Tarot of Marseilles
Tarot de Marcelino

QUESTION 9: Which of the following decks has some spelling mistakes 'due to the illiteracy of the artisans who cut the original woodblocks'?

Vandenborrde Bacchus Tarot
Ancient Italian Tarot
Royal Tarot

QUESTION 10: Which of the following decks is sub-titled A Journey Into Fairy Tales, Myth and Nature?

Inner Child Cards
Mythic Tarot
Nature Tarot